Corporate houses are gradually opening out to the possibility of combining modern tools and ancient wisdom. Wipro is one such IT behemoth that understood this very early.

Similarly Shrimath has been fortunate enough to work with several Learning & Development departments of progressive thinking organizations since our inception. The 3 areas that we are working right now are:

  1. Stress Management

  2. Emotional Resilience &

  3. Creativity

Corporate houses like / professionals & entrepreneurs from, Wipro, Grant Thornton, Albelli (Netherlands), Tata Hitachi, Deccan Structures, USP Integrated, Infosys, TripKraft, Purple Hippie, Karyam Financial Services, Family Partners, Nammane Ventures, Intas Pharma, Hewlett Packard to name a few. The participants in our workshops / programs are from more than 40+ Countries.

Here we make things easy for individuals to undergo training on the 3 areas mentioned here, else unless one works at a corporate house such trainings are not possible to undergo. Kindly refer to our Workshop calendar for the same.

In these workshops we use psychometry wherever needed to identify the needs of each individual and the delivery mechanism is tailored accordingly.

Since 2001, more than 15,000 hours of work has been put in to develop, master and deliver these modules. We are also proud to be permitted by Prof Michael Ray, who pioneered the importance of Creativity at Stanford University's Management courses, to use the study material wherever we deem necessary.

Our conclusion is that self transformation is possible in an individual only if they decide to embark on the journey of self discovery while going the same distance outside in their career, business or studies. To enable this we use a blend of tools that are recognized today with the ever relevant Indic Wisdom.

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