Based on our experience since 2011, we have identified 7 possible categories of learners. We also need to remember that this is an experiential course and our intellectual understanding of Yoga as a system, till now, is only a first step in this journey.

Choose your category

I am a...

  1. Yoga Teacher certified by Yoga Alliance (US) as RYT200 or RYT300 or RYT500. You can opt for YACEP credit needs (YACEP Public Profile | Yoga Alliance)

  2. Yoga Teacher certified in 100hrs, 200hrs and / or 500hrs from Schools other than Shrimath, and registered with World Yoga Federation, Yoga Alliance International, British Wheel of Yoga etc.

  3. Yoga Teacher who has completed Foundation / Certificate / Advanced Certificate Course in Yoga from Schools registered with Government of India supported Indian Yoga Association.

  4. Bachelors / Masters in Yoga but have not studied Yoga Nidra.

  5. Fresher who has no prior Yoga experience or certification but wish to be a Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher.

  6. Corporate Trainer / Life Coach who wishes to understand, learn, practice and include Yoga Nidra in my workshops.

  7. Meditator but wish to deepen my practice.

Our Approach

  1. For the first 4 categories of Yogis / Yoginis, we do not interfere in your existing Yogasana & Pranayama practice but would suggest a few additions that could help to experience Yoga Nidra better.

  2. For the other 3 categories, we take you through the complete program that has Yogasana, Pranayama, Antar Mouna, Mudra, Kriya and a Mantra Meditation routine.

For all the 7 categories, the Yoga philosophy and the Yoga Nidra concepts are the same.

Course Levels

There are two types of Certifications

  1. Certificate Course in Yoga Nidra: Here the participant experiences relaxation, rejuvenation, stress relief and desire manifestation. This we achieve through the 4 levels of Yoga Nidra. Once the participants manifest a desire then they become full-fledged Yoga Nidra Teachers. Certification is from Yoga Alliance International. Credits are also adjusted towards the Indic Life Coach program.

  2. Advanced Certificate Course in Yoga Nidra: This is offered only to those who complete the Certificate Course, have seen manifestation of at least one desire and are ready to explore Yoga Nidra at the Dharana and Dhyana levels for deepening their understanding which furthers their journey of Self-discovery. Certification is from Indic Foundation.