Traditional Yoga Nidra is born out of practice, experience and realization of its efficacy by scores of people from 40+ Countries, since 2011. The soul of this practice is rooted in Satyananda Yoga Nidra but to make it more accessible to the needy, a level wise approach is introduced.

Nidra means sleep and Yoga Nidra is its antonym. The former is an unconscious act and the latter is a conscious decision. Yoga Nidra is a practice that allows one to rest, relax, rejuvenate, manage stress, understand oneself and realize desires consciously.

The John Hopkins University continues to pursue research & discoveries on Sleep and its effect on our psychophysical energy system. Neuroscientist & Sleep expert Mark Wu states that circadian rhythm & sleep drive are the two main processes that regulate sleep.

The World Sleep Foundation is preparing professionals through internships now so that the future gets Sleep Professionals across the Globe.

Whereas the outside-in approach is essential to drive home the necessity of Nidra (sleep) in day to day life for effective functioning of vital organs of the body while we are asleep, and the functioning of mind while we are awake, the living traditions of India have given a hands-on inside-out approach to learn and experience the benefits of overall health through the science of Yoga Nidra.

In Yoga, sleep is considered as a vritti i.e. modification of the mind, in fact one of the 5 modifications of the mind. Thus the principles, processes and tools available in the Indic Knowledge Systems is humungous with respect to this subject. The participants in our programs get to tap into these time tested resources.

Traditional Yoga Nidra is offered by Shrimath, the first Yoga School in the World to be granted the permission to conduct a Certification Course in Yoga Nidra by Yoga Alliance International in 2013.

Shrimath's founder Krishna Prakash will be the lead teacher in these courses. Krishna was identified by his Master Srim in 1997. Since then continues to study Yoga-Vedanta under Srim. In early 2000's Srim introduced various aspects of Tantra Vidya to Krishna. That gave him hands-on experience and in-depth practical insights into the practices of Mantra Sadhana, aspects of Nyasa, Yoga Nidra and many other subtle aspects of working with oneself in the journey of Self discovery.

You are welcome to participate in our free online 30 minute Yoga Nidra experience programs every Sunday at 11:45am IST and 6:45pm IST, conducted by Shrimath alumni, by mailing us at